some personal notes

My name is Gerrit de Vries. I studied graphic arts at the academy of Arts "De Vrije Academie Psychopolis" in The Hague and I'm a passionated  photographer. I'm special interested in and inspired by graphic artists like Rembrandt, Marius Bauer and special by one artist in my own region: Riekele Prins. It is the way how they apply light in their work and their vision. I believe that the use of light is elemental for a good picture. In any way is it my startingpoint.
Since February 2009 I work with a professional camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a Canon F4 L 17-40 mm.
A super strong combination for landscape photography.
I' m very much influenced in the way how some members of "de Ploeg" like Jannes de Vries were inspired by the Groninger landscape.

noordpolder rapeseed

Rapeseed in the 'Noordpolder' near the waddencoast Northern region of Groningen
This photowork is made in the "Noordpolder", rapeseed in combination with a cloudy sky
Fine Dutch landscape photography
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